Which Engine/Tranny does this bus have?

Does the seller not know which engine or tranny is in their bus? These vin decoders might help. I'll add more as I find them!


Blue Bird Body Company VIN codes


4th digit - line

A: TC2000
B: All American/All Canadian
C: Wanderlodge
D: All American shell
E: Wanderlodge shell
F: TC2000 shell
G: commercial bus
H: TC1000
J: Commercial Series shell

5th digit - model

A: 1800-2199
B: 2200-2509
C: 2510-2700
D: 2701-2809
E: 2810-3006
F: 3007-3108
G: 3109-3400
H: 3401-3502
J: 3503-3604
K: 3605-3706
L: 3707-3808
M: 3809-3903
N: 3904-4100
P: 4101-4203

6th digit - body type

B: Rear engine
C: Forward control

7th digit - engine

A: CHEVY GAS 427 (pre-1990) discontinued
A: CAT 3116T discontinued
A: Cummins ISL G

B: Detroit Diesel 6v71H (pre-1990) discontinued
B: CAT 3116TA discontinued
B: Ford 6.8L LPG

C: CAT 3116TAB
D: CAT 3126T
E: Chevrolet 427 (gasoline)
F: Chevrolet 427A (gasoline)
G: Hercules 5.6G
H: CUM 5.9BG
J: DD Series 50
L: DD Series 40
M: JD 8.1G
N: JD 6.8G
R: CUM 5.9T
S: CUM 5.9TA
U: Westinghouse
2: GM 6.5L NA
3: CAT 3208TZ
5: CUM M11
6: CUM 8.3T
7: CUM 8.3TA
8: CUM 8.3TAB
9: DD Series 60

8th digit - buses

A: Air Brakes
H: Hydraulic Brakes

8th digit - multi-purpose vehicles

6: 4,001-5,350 lbs. GVWR
7: 5,351-6,800 lbs. GVWR
8: 6,801 lbs. and up GVWR

11th digit - assembly plant

B: Brantford, Ontario
F: Fort Valley, Georgia
G: Guatemala
M: Midwest
L: North Georgia
V: Virginia

Thomas Bus Company VIN codes

Digits 1-3 : 

1T7: Thomas Rear Engine
1T8: Thomas Front Engine
4UZ: Thomas Freighliner
5P0: Incomplete Vehicle (Chassis Only)

4th Digit - Model

H: Saf-T-Liner MVP-ER
U: Saf-T-Liner MVP-EF (chassis only)
V: Saf-T-Liner MVP-ER (chassis only)
W: Saf-T-Liner MVP-ER Transit (chassis only)
Y: Saf-T-Liner HDX
Z: Saf-T-Liner HDX (chassis only)
5: Saf-T-Liner MVP-ER Transit
8: Saf-T-Liner MVP-EF

5th Digit - Wheelbase

A: ?
T: ?
U: ?
V: 174"
W: 193"
X: 212"
Y: 231"
1: 136"
3: 181"
4: 209"
5: 238"
7: 267"
8: 277"
9: 155"

6th Digit - Type & Headroom

A: Non-school EFX
B: Export EFX
0: Incomplete Bus
1: Non-school 73" headroom
2: Non-school 78" headroom
3: School 73" headroom
4: School 78" headroom
5: Special 73" headroom
6: Special 78" headroom
7: Export 73" headroom
8: Export 78" headroom
9: School EFX

7th Digit - Engine Type

A: Mercedes-Benz Diesel
B: 6 cylinder Diesel
C: Caterpillar Diesel
D: Cummins ISB
E: Cummins ISL
F: Cummins ISL G
U: Cummins 6CT8.3
V: Cummins 6CTA8.3 (240hp)
W: Cummins 6CTA8.3 (250hp)
X: Detroit Diesel 6V92
1: Detroit Diesel 8.2L
3: Caterpillar 3208T
4: Caterpillar 3116TA (215hp) or Cummins
5: Caterpillar 3116TA (250hp)
6: Caterpillar 3116TA (185hp)
7: Cummins 6BTA (190hp)
8: Cummins 6BTA (230hp)
9: Cummins 6CTA (300hp)

8th Digit - Type of Brakes

1: Hydraulic
2: Air

9th Digit - Check Digit (0-9 or X)

10th Digit - Model Year

11th Digit -Plant of Manufacture

1: High Point, NC

Allison Transmission lookup by serial number

Cummins Lookup by serial number

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