Need something to get the creative juices flowing?

Check out some of these sweet builds, each bringing a little something unique to the table!

The outside found bus

Check out this perfect example of an off-the-grid adventure bus! Will & Alyssa did an amazing job on this, spending around $30,000 on the project (plus 6 months of dedicated labor). If you're looking for a layout that includes a rear garage area for outdoor gear, this one is on fleek.

Hank Bought a bus

With a cool modular design, and liberal amounts of plywood, Hank's bus has a great vibe too it. The pull-up window covers are clever, and the bedroom at the front of the bus are a unique layout option. check it out!

The world school bus

Check out this family of 5's bus that they built together. With gorgeous photography, and creative touches (check out the fabulous plywood plank floor) this is one bus build thread that's a ton of fun to read through!


Classic school-bus shape, shrunk down to a manageable size! Great photos of the whole process, including some super cute cabinets 

Let's be nomads

This hostel on wheels tours Europe, stopping at beautiful locations, and offering guests life on the road with other like-minded travelers. It's one of the only buses on this list where you can book a night on it and try it out!

wilderness wandering

The beginning of a beautiful build out on a 40' 1997 Thomas. Plans include a children's bunk room, Follow along on this all-hand-on-deck family build-out!

Natural State Nomads

Zack's super-slick conversion is one you're gonna love. Named "Stormy" after the stormtrooper color scheme, this bus packs a lot into a small space. Looking to design a solid roof rack? This is one you're gonna want to check out. 


My favorite thing about this bus (besides their sweet logo)? Their detailed expense tracking. If you've ever wondered how much it will REALLY cost you to build out a bus, take a gander at Brittany & Steven's cost sheet.

THE Calypso

Love woodworking? You're gonna love what Tim's built here! Totally unique touches including a crank out table, beautiful inlaid woodwork, and a great all-around build. Check out his youtube channel for more details on the build!