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Need an easy way to create a floorplan? A lot of people use Google Sketchup, but an alternative is Floorplanner (the free plan allows you to make one layout).

An easy mistake to make when putting together a bus electrical system is to use too small of wires for your solar system (if you're ONLY using shore power, and don't have a 12v system for living needs, then you won't need this). Here's a handy online calculator to help you get the correct sized wire, so you don't handicap your system with inadequate wiring.

A few really good articles on how to live safely on an RV with an electrical system. Even though a properly wired bus should be safe, it can become silent-but-deadly killer if plugged into an improperly wired extension cord or campsite outlet. This is because buses are basically a big cage of metal insulated from the ground by rubber tires. It’s up to you to make sure the frame and body of your bus is never electrified due to poor maintenance, bad connections, or reversed polarity in a power plug. This so called Hot-Skin problem is what causes a tingle when you touch your bus while standing on the ground.

Driver's License Requirements by State

Do you need a CDL to drive a full-sized bus? What about if it has air brakes? Usually, the answer is "no"—but a few states do have special requirements (like needing a special non-commercial certification). Check out this site that gives pretty comprehensive info on what you'll need to have for your state.